About Sabfree

Speak Up And Be Free

This is a space where survivors of sexual abuse, especially Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can speak up and tell their stories of abuse and pain. It is a space which is safe and non judgmental where you can speak about your abuse and begin the road to healing and mending towards a live full of potential and possibilities.



Children need to be protected but instead they are forced to submit to sexual abuse by their own family members. https://t.co/ziSUyo0MHg

Yes Child Sexual Abuse survivors need justice, not death penalty, but sure punishment for the abusers. Too many of the abusers and rapists get off free. Police and judiciary needs to ensure that the guilty are punished. The conviction rate has to... https://t.co/yeCm6ugO1e

This is a step in the right direction. Both boys and girls are sexually abused as children and both need the protection of the law. https://t.co/RPNdxZudaa

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