About Sabfree

Speak Up And Be Free

This is a space where survivors of sexual abuse, especially Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can speak up and tell their stories of abuse and pain. It is a space which is safe and non judgmental where you can speak about your abuse and begin the road to healing and mending towards a live full of potential and possibilities.



It's good that influential people are being tried for sexual crimes against children. It's about time. Children have to be safe from abuse by adults, especially powerful elders. https://t.co/w5KyTsRL2W

This heinous crime is as rampant in Pakistan as it is in India. Children are being victimised so badly in conservative societies like India and Pakistan. This has to stop. https://t.co/bXOnsJiIOf

We need to look beyond institutional care for children who are traumatized children. https://t.co/zx5aDxZ0WI

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