About Sabfree

Speak Up And Be Free

This is a space where survivors of sexual abuse, especially Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can speak up and tell their stories of abuse and pain. It is a space which is safe and non judgmental where you can speak about your abuse and begin the road to healing and mending towards a live full of potential and possibilities.



How could someone who has dedicated his life to Christ destroy the life of a child and then not even repent for it. Despite the pressure on the family which... https://t.co/z5XBMjXeWv

There is no space for restorative justice in the POCSO Act 2012. This means that a victim of sexual abuse is forced to decide whether he or she... https://t.co/OsVHJIu4bi

Exploiting children in the name of tradition continues despite laws and progress https://t.co/hf7tIUt0w7

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