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This is a space where survivors of sexual abuse, especially Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can speak up and tell their stories of abuse and pain. It is a space which is safe and non judgmental where you can speak about your abuse and begin the road to healing and mending towards a live full of potential and possibilities.



This is totally unacceptable. If the government can't protect children in shelter homes across Bihar, its really the most deplorable issue. How can the government not be aware of sexual abuses in their shelter homes across the state. https://t.co/F35prFu5FD

The Catholic Church needs to really take strict measures to stop Child Sexual Abuse instead of brushing crimes by priest under the carpet. Hiding a problem... https://t.co/xzEGYnEDRI

Another case of a shelter abusing their power. Instead of protecting the girls in their care they were sexually exploiting them and getting them raped... https://t.co/tomFzcONiR

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