Abused when I was 13-years-old

As a 13-year-old boy, I was sent to a good hostel by my parents. I had a lot of friends and I enjoyed staying there but during that time something happened which affected me badly.

The hostel warden started abusing me sexually and I didn’t even know about it. In the hostel, we would sleep in the dormitory together. When I was asleep, the warden was abusing me every night. Once we slept, the warden would come and abuse me. Once or twice I didn’t know what was happening but when I woke up,

Later, the boys around me started giggling and started calling me names and words which I didn’t even know. I asked my friend and he told me that what the warden was doing to me. After that, I would wake up when the warden would be abusing me, I didn’t know what to do and how to stop it. Also I know who to approach and the abuse continued.

There were good wardens also in the things. They were strict but I didn’t feel anyone would believe me or help me so I didn’t report the warden abusing me.

But six months later, I told my parents, I didn’t like to stay in the hostel and they removed me after one year.

Many years later, a man living opposite my house called me to his house. That time I was in 11th std, 16 years old. This man started abusing me but I older now and knew about sexual abuse to I ran away from him and never went to his house.

I am married now but I never told anyone about this. However, I told this to Sonal after she told about her own experience of abuse.

This has to be stopped because it totally messes up with the life of a person and it takes years to get over sexual abuse.

Hopefully, we will stand together and work to help all these young boys and girls who are facing this trauma of child sexual abuse.

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