What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Any adult touching a child (who is under the legal age of consent) sexually is sexual abuse. Also showing children pornography, sexually explicit pictures, showing their private organs or making the child show his or her sexual organs is Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Child sexual abuse does not have to be penetrative, painful or forced. Photographing or filming a child nude or while making them perform sexual acts is also CSA. Even if an older child who is older by over 3-4 years indulges in any sexual activity with a younger child is CSA.

Will my identity be revealed on this site?

Unless a person wants to reveal his or her identity voluntarily, Sabfree will not reveal his or her identity. It will be kept anonymous. If you feel some details may reveal your identity then don’t reveal those details or specifications

How do I post my story or comment on this site?

You can log in and then post your comments or story online by yourself or you can send us a mail at info@sabfree.com.

What kind of posts will you publish?

We will not publish anything which is abusing anyone else who has posted their story on the site. Also we will not publish offensive and abusive language and sexually explicit posts which is not serving any purpose in the narrative.

Why are you asking for people to first log in?

This is to ensure that the persons who sent the stories are genuine and to be able to inform you when you post is make public. We wish to inform you that your emails are safe and secure with us. We will not share it with anyone else.

Do you charge to post stories of abuse?

There is no charge for posting your story of abuse. This is a platform which is free and available so that abuse victims can tell their stories of horror, pain and abuse.